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Come to our healthy food cafe & smoothie bar and see what we have to offer! We offer a wide range of food:                  

wraps, salads, thai noodles, chicken breasts, beef fillet, fresh grilled linefish, calamri, prawns, ostrich, sweet potato, the freshest veg, cappucino's, chai tea, FROYO- frozen yogurt and fresh fruit, snacks, muffins...WE DO IT ALL!


We also offer a convenient service of delivering gourmet health meals & snacks to offices, schools, individuals and athletes.

All our meals are LOW FAT. If you are struggling to lose weight, gain weight and muscle or even maintain your weight, there is no need to lose hope. We will assess your body and your lifestyle and customise an eating plan for you. We cook your specialised meals fresh, everyday and deliver the meals to your home, office, school or anywhere convenient for you.

Our meals are gourmet and we only use the freshest ingredients. Our fruit and vegetables are organic and our meat and eggs are free range and AAA Grade. Our meals are delivered in the most convenient packaging, which can be heated or refrigerated. Our nutritious menu is low in fat and caters for vegetarians as well as vegans.

Nutritional Info:
Each Meal you order online will show you the calorie count, carb count, fat count as well as protein count. It will also total your calorie, fat, carb and protein amounts for your total order.

Carbohydrates: If you would like to lose weight and you are an average female with average physical activity levels you should not exceed 80g of carbohydrates per day.
The average male 100g/per day

If you just want to eat healthily and maintain your weight:
Average Female: 100g/day
Average Male: 120g/day

This does NOT mean that you can only have the above mentioned grams of actual carbs. Each Carbohydrate consists of other nutritional values as well as a carbohydrate value which is only a percentage of the actual weight/size of the portion.




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